26 June 2006

How much?

half a pound, 8 ounces, point 4 something of a kilo, not a lot in other words -

So not very good at losing this week.  Can't complain though as I didn't get to the gym once, had 3 days during the week of being in at work 7.30 and not finishing the last teleconference until gone 10pm, the remaining days were at least 12 hours and Mavis was away all week so couldn't be bothered to cook proper meals (wasn't naughty though, just bunged some meat in the oven).

So, it's like a new years resolution (but a bit smaller) this week.  Went to the gym this morning, did 50 mins cv, legs nearly gave out so did some sit up things with weights.

Who says your supposed to feel better after having had some exercise?  Certainly didn't ring true with me this morning.

I can tell Mavis is back, salad for tea tonight.  If I keep this up all week I may make up for not losing much last week.

I may not be in quite as good a mood though.......

17 June 2006

Nearly Three Weeks!

Today is Saturday, last Sunday I left for a week in the US.

I weighed myself this afternoon and was 18.9 stone.

By some miracle I have lost 6lbs (OK, I know 2lbs a week when your as over weight as me isn't fantastic but it's better than putting on) in the last three weeks, one of which was in the US, one of which I had the man flu (that's very very serious, in case you hadn't worked it out). The 1st week I was building up to go to the gym and eat a bit better.

I've got three weeks till I next go to the US. Wonder if I can get to 18.3 by then?  I don't want to really set goals in case I get annoyed if I don't reach them but this seems feasible.

And 4 or so people in the US said I looked like I had lost some weight since I was over there last (early April, I think).  So all in all feeling a bit happy (if somewhat jet lagged).

10 June 2006

Another week another dollar

How come if I haven't been to the gym this week (still coughing from the near fatal man flu of the week before) and I haven't been particularly good and watching what I eat I lost 5 pounds this week?

I know I should be chuffed but a week of being really careful and almost heart attack inducing exercises at the torture chamber that is the David Lloyd gym in Oxford and I lost a miserable single pound.  Do nothing and lose 5.

No doubt next week it will swing the other way.  I have actually packed the gym kit for me week in the US.  Bets on how many times I use it?  If the past is anything to go by pick a number between 0 and 1.  Must try harder this time.

At least when I do get back there shouldn't be any trips for a couple of months and hopefully with a bit of routine (and the demise of the last drops of man flu) I should be able to make some inroads into starting something that will make a difference.

06 June 2006

Just one cornetto

Well, maybe not a cornetto but I did lose a whole one pound this week.

My excuses?  I only managed to get to the gym once before the dreaded man flu hit me.

And that's the only excuse really, I didn't think I'd actually eaten that much, maybe it was something I ate the week before catching up on me (listen, it's a good an excuse as any)

The future doesn't bode well though, still haven't been to the gym this week - I cough my lungs up going up the stairs at home so don't really think I could manage a session on a bike.

On Sunday I go to the US for a week, lots of business lunches and dinners are already planned - I really must go careful.

Of course I'll take my gym stuff with me as the hotel has a gym, my last trip about two and a half months ago was the first time I actually managed to use a hotel gym - even though I've been taking the stuff with me for about 2 years.

Hope I manage to get to the gym if not be totally good in the food department.

01 June 2006

Two days in and.......

Man Flu strikes.

There must be a correlation between converting calories to weight watchers points that makes the food less good for you and removes any of vitamins from fruit making me more susceptible to the dreaded man flu (which as everyone knows is one of the most debilitating virus known to man.

Looking on the bright side I don't feel like eating so won't be over eating and I'll get my exercise going to the kitchen to put the kettle on for more lemsips.

Ooooer, I don't feel good............

30 May 2006

Daay wun in the Dieting Room

6 aaaa em, Wide Screen Boy is in the gym:

  • 25 Mins on the Bike - 175 calories
  • 18 Mins on the Cross Trainer - 240 calories
  • 10 Mins on the Stepper - 101 Calories
  • 75 Ab Crunches with a 36Kg weight

8 aaa em, Wide Screen Boy falls out of the shower into the car. Luckily has an hour and a half drive to compose himself.

Total Consumed

  • Breakfast: Bowl of special K (at work)
  • Lunch: Fruit Salad (500g), Muller Light Yogurt
  • Dinner, Chicken Curry - 10 Weight Watchers Points

8 peeee eeeem, Wide Screen Boy is bloody starving.

And I'm starting a cold, see what diets do to you?

29 May 2006

Nearly ready to start the diet

Well,  I need to prepare myself.  Other good reasons for not starting properly today are:

  • It's a bank holiday and you can't start a diet on a bank holiday.

  • I'm a cheapskate and only paid for restricted access to the gym so can only go on mornings during the week (not holidays).

  • By the time we got back from Milton Keynes it was too late to start doing anything (I still forgot the trainers which was the main thing we went for).

  • Because we went to Milton Keynes we went to Costa Coffee and had a latte (a skinny one though) and a pannini (that probably wasn't a skinny one).

Kit is ready to go to the gym tomorrow, cereals packed (breakfast for when I get into work), fruit salad and a diet yogurt ready to go into cool bag (there's lunch taken care of) and I've got a new thingy of sweeteners for the coffee.  Heaven knows what Mavis has planned for dinner but the Weight Watcher cook books have had a severe bashing over the last couple of days.

The scary numbers are 19.1 stone, that's 267.3 pounds or 121.2 Kilos.  While I don't particularly want to set a goal like 10 stone (that seems a bit too unachievable) I think I'd like to also measure success by things like size of trousers (currently 44 inches round the waist).

What do I want to be, well by the end of this year 16 stone and a 38 inch waist.  Does that sound feasible?  I think it could be so that's what I'll aim for.

Fat, forty and its not getting any better.

I created a blog a month or so ago. One of the intentions of the blog was for it to be a vehicle for me to record and publically admit the garguantan size I've got to and much more importantly start losing some weight.

For whatever reason this didn't happen - The new big idea is to have this blog to do all the nasty weight stuff, quite how I'll do it I'm not exactly sure but I have some ideas.

When not travelling I do have a routine which involves going to a gym. So I want somewhere to note all the miles on exercise bikes, kilometeres on cross trainers, pints of sweat on stairclimbers and inches of muscle on, well, muscles.

After having weighed myself yesterday and seeing numbers on the wrong side of 19 stones flashing at me is yet another message that I really have to do something.

Mavis - the new name for the present Mrs Wide Screen Boy needs to lose about 7 ounces to reach her ideal weight wants to go back to Weight Watchers, I think I mentioned it here. The compromise is that we try and do the meals and I'll keep on going to the gym.

So if you want the piss taking stuff, war stories and general ranting (which is what it's turned out to be) your in the wrong place. Go here instead.

If like millions of others your interested in points per half a carrot, red and green days, calories per 7 grapes then hopefully there'll be something to interest you and more importantly help me keep on track.